A wild Shawnna has appeared...

  1. 5 years ago

    Name/Nickname: Shawnna aka Zangel
    Birthday: December 4th
    How you got into TCGs: A internet friend of mine from way back was the owner of 'Bibliophile' and I checked it out and thought it'd be interesting to do.
    First TCG: Moonlight Legend, at least I'm pretty sure it was that one. I didn't join 'Bibliophile' right away because I was more into Sailor Moon then books.
    All-time favorite TCG: Has to be Moonlight Legend, I've been a member from the start and have always come back to TCGs when it made it's 'rebirth'.
    Something random and interesting about you: I don't know that it counts...but TCGs have introduced me to a lot of things that I probably never would have become a fan of or liked on my own. Best example of that, my new found love for K-Pop.

  2. Bloo

    20 Oct 2013 Administrator kablooey.net

    ML really makes me wish that I was into Sailor Moon - it looks like so much fun, and Rahenna takes such good care of it. *-*

    I pretty much admire all of Rahenna's TCGs, but it seems like they are always subjects that I'm not a huge fan of.. |D

    TCGs have definitely introduced me to a lot too. I guess most notably, scripting. XD I don't know if I would have been so passionate about it if I wasn't so determined to make things for MissingNO.

    Welcome to Filler00! <3 :D

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