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    21 Oct 2013 http://twig.slothly.org


      Most know me as Liz.

      26 March

    How you got into TCGs:
      I tried making one via MySpace and got a few people involved before I knew it was a real thing. :oops: We would trade patterns (stripes01-08, diamonds01-08, etc.) in these templates with 1px black borders on the outside and a 2px border in between the pattern and the border that consisted of black and white stripes. It's nothing at all like what TCGs really ended up being like. :roll:

    First TCG:
      Probably Sugarful or Tuck In, whichever came first. I was also a member of a school TCG that was in the form of an online college. It was really creative, and green and gold and black, but I can't remember the name of it. Dx
      So... It was one of those. ^^

    All-time favorite TCG:
      Sugarful or Delish!

    Something random and interesting about you:
      I wear mismatching socks when I do wear socks (usually). You'll rarely ever catch me with matching socks.

  2. Bloo

    22 Oct 2013 Administrator kablooey.net

    I think I remember the school TCG that you're talking about. :D I wasn't a member - didn't need any more school in my life at the time. But it was definitely a great concept.

    Oh, I miss Sugarful. ;w;

    Welcome. <3

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