Short Introduction

  1. 5 years ago

    Name/Nickname: Sachi

    Birthday: 07/13

    How you got into TCGs: I'm not quite sure... I think I was surfing the web and came across someone's trade post. Being that I like collecting things and it doesn't cost anything to participate (who doesn't like free xD), I pounced :3

    First TCG: Nihon Joy ♥ Adored the subject matter, which was all aspects of Japanese culture.

    All-time favorite TCG: MissingNO ♥ Amazing community, creative events, and pretty cards~

    Something random and interesting about you: I've fired a machine gun and have no ties to the military. It was completely legal, I swear! [size=85]I can never think of anything for these kinds of sections...[/size]

  2. Bloo

    7 Nov 2013 Administrator

    Aw, Sachi. ;; Seeing so many old MNO players still around/coming back makes me excited to finally be getting it back up and running. <3

    Welcome! :D

    /wonders why you'd ever need to fire a machine gun? owo

  3. We're definitely excited you're coming back to MNO ^_^ Some people never come back to re-open/revamp/etc... So yay for you! ^o^

    It's more along the lines of I had the opportunity and wasn't going to pass it up. Eh heh heh... Can you tell I'm from a red state? x.x

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