Installing MyTCG-f3

  1. 3 years ago

    Hello !

    I want to test your script and maybe help if I can.
    But I cannot figure out how to install it. XD
    I saw on another conversation that it's still in development and doesn't have installation file yet. But where can I find information to create the database tables to make it work ?

    Thanks !

  2. Bloo

    28 Jan 2016 Administrator

    Hi! :)

    Sorry about that. XD I've attached a copy of my development database that you can use for now - just import via phpMyAdmin or your interface of choice.

    Alternatively, you can use an existing MyTCG database (read the migration notes here ), or running the original MyTCG's install.php should also work (the database schema is basically the same).

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you encounter any other issues.

  3. Sorry for the late reply !

    Thank you for the file it worked, but I never saw a script made with a framework, so I don't understand how all this works... I think I must continue my study and maybe come later to help !

  4. Bloo

    20 Feb 2016 Administrator

    No worries! It's definitely very different. Hopefully I'll have some tutorials written up before too long~ XD

    Since it's built on Fat Free Framework, it might also help you to look through their documentation:

    In any case, thanks for giving it a try! :D

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