Various MyTCG Errors

  1. 3 years ago

    Hello everyone! I've definitely been around the TCG rodeo before, but it's been a while since I've had to deal with MyTCG like this and I'm a little stuck on some issues my install is having.

    First, what I can only assume to be a simple issue: MyTCG pages aren't reading the header and footer. I can only assume this is a location or path issue but I've tried a slew of paths and trail adjustments with no help. You can see an example of the error here.

    On that same note the error on line 8 just baffles me in general.

    The more complex issue we're having is with the upcoming deck inputs for MyTCG itself. The default info that comes with the install is simply a description, which isn't enough for most TCGs. Leaving it alone, though, even just putting in a description doesn't actually work in the system. When you input a deck with a description and a category, the description goes away and all that actually sticks is the category so it's just a bunch of empty decks with no info except whether they're special, puzzle, etc.

    I've both frankensteined code from an old TCG I used to co-own that I know works AND written some code from scratch in order to improve upon the upcoming deck system, mostly to include necessary parameters (Character Name, Deck Name, etc), but I edit all the necessary pages and I get an error that reads as such.

    "Error:Unknown column 'charactername' in 'field list'"

    Everything I've looked up about issues related to this talk about php being out of date and a bunch of stuff that my gut tells me isn't the issue and that I honestly don't understand. This is also only happening on the upcoming deck page, so I doubt it's a php version problem.

    We've tried fixes like reinstalling, modifying php and we've come up with nothing. I really want to open my TCG soon but this is stopping us dead because there's no other convenient way to showcase decks that will be out for prejoin and the like. I'm sure we could maybe use a host that has no issues like this but my co-owner has a perfectly domain name we'd like to use.

    If this is something totally novice, I'll be so embarrassed but grateful. Totally willing to share any and all php and code, etc. Hell, I'll give you the FTP login and stuff if you can fix it for us.

  2. Bloo

    3 Feb 2016 Administrator


    It looks like your path should be something like /home/delightmods/ Could you give that a try?

    Fixing your header/footer includes might fix line 8 - let me know if it works!

    Regarding the "Error:Unknown column 'charactername' in 'field list'" error - it sounds like you don't have a "charactername" field in your upcoming decks table, or for whatever reason the script is not seeing it? Could you take a look at your database, or export it and send me the .sql file so I can take a look at your schema?


  3. Thank you! That did fix the header/footer problem, but not the line 8 issue.

    Here's the .sql file; hopefully you can tell me what to fix or what to do 9_9 I went back to the default on it but like I said, that doesn't even work either so I'm not really sure about anything.

  4. Bloo

    4 Feb 2016 Administrator
    Edited 3 years ago by Bloo

    Your upcoming table doesn't have a "charactername" field:

      `id` int(6) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
      `description` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
      `deckname` varchar(100) NOT NULL,
      `category` int(2) NOT NULL,
      PRIMARY KEY (`id`)

    You'll need to add this field (along with any other custom fields that you've created) to your "upcoming" table in order to fix the "Unknown column" error. Let me know if you need any help with this~

    I'm guessing that the line 8 issue is just due to there being no entries in your upcoming decks table at the moment. So once we get the "Unknown column" error sorted out and you're able to create upcoming decks, I believe this error should go away.

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