Time for an Introduction

  1. 5 years ago

    So, tweaking a bit, but let's see here:

    Name/Nickname: Ralene
    How you got into TCGs: I'm not sure what my first TCG was but it was likely either Trading Academy, Platinum or Nibelheim. Celestial and MissingNO of course were also top favorites. I think I found a link on someone's Geocities pages and decided to check it out. It also led to me looking into HTML and websites in general.
    First TCG: As mentioned above, I'm not 100% sure but it was likely one of those 5 TCGs I listed above.
    All-time favorite TCG: I don't think I could ever choose, I've liked pretty much every TCG I've ever been in.
    Something random and interesting about you: I've actually worked off and on for the past few years on fan subs and scanlations for various groups.

    So yep, that's me~

  2. Bloo

    7 Nov 2013 Administrator kablooey.net

    Welcome, Ralene! :D <3

    So I assume you're fluent in Japanese? owo Would love to see what you've subbed. I prefer subs, but sometimes it's so bad... |D;;;

  3. Ralene! I recognize your username ^_^ That's awesome you helped out with subs and scans! I agree with Bloo, subs are my preference as well c:

  4. I actually do stuff that's more along the lines of editing and QC/quality control checking but I can sort of sing in Japanese? (does that count?) My current groups work on what's called Tokusatsu (or Japanese special effect shows) along the lines of the Super Sentai and Kamen Rider franchises. I also work on some older shows as well and have worked on a few animated shows as well (all fan-done shows of course, no professional work as of now.)

    Yep, I've been around for awhile now in TCGs and I'd agree with you guys and gals, I prefer subs to most dubs as well, depends on the material of course.

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