etcg compatibility issues

  1. 3 years ago

    So I was recently upgrading my hostees to the current version of etcg from the first release (layout without the drop down/collapsible boxes that are present in the current version). One of my hostees has been having issues with the drop downs and can't access the different sections in her collection. She said that she has a touch screen computer, and apparently there is a known compatibility issue with those?

    She had asked for a reinstall of the old etcg, but I simply don't have those files anymore and couldn't find a download anywhere.

    Is it possible to get that first version of etcg or is there a bug fix / work around to get rid of the drop downs?

  2. Bloo

    23 Mar 2016 Administrator

    Yes, it is a known issue. I haven't created a fix for it yet, but I think all it needs is just another jQuery event listener for "touch" events (if anyone would like to try to DIY).

    All releases are available for download here:

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