Is this going to affect eTCG?

  1. 2 years ago


    10 Feb 2017

    I got an email from my hosting company. They're upgrading the version of PHP they use on their servers:

    Apache 2.4
    PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6(set as default), and PHP 7.0

    I was wondering if this would affect eTCG in any way.

  2. Bloo

    7 Apr 2017 Administrator

    @Betty Any PHP version 5.2+ should be fine. I'm not sure about 7.0, but I'm not aware of anything in 7 that would break eTCG of the top of my head. It looks like you have the option to select a version though, so if you want to be sure just choose one of the 5.X options. (I'm running 5.5 on my own eTCG instance).

  3. 9 months ago

    I used to use PHP7 on my own etcg installation on Dreamhost. The only thing that doesn't seem to work is the card counts if you're not doing it with the worth included.

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