1. 5 years ago

    Name/Nickname: Nina
    Birthday: 08/13
    How you got into TCGs: I originally started out on Neopets. Got really into coding. Taught myself everything I know. (With some help of course.) I finally found a Harry Potter TCG (can't remember what it was called). Thought I would try it out. I got really into it and thought it was tons of fun and just kept joining more and more. (I was an original MNO member but had a different nickname at the time.) But life got busy so I slowly disappeared from the oTCG world.
    First TCG: Some Harry Potter TCG who's name I can not recall.
    All-time favorite TCG: At the current moment it's Elle. Overall I can't really say. I've joined so many great oTCG's.
    Something random and interesting about you: Instead of doing homework or reading assignments, like I should be. I spend my time playing oTCG's. Makes my husband very mad. Oh well... :D

  2. Bloo

    9 Nov 2013 Administrator kablooey.net

    Welcome, Nina! :D

    My first experience with web design was through Neopets. ^_^ Spent a lot of time designing and coding layouts for various guilds that I was a part of. I remember one of the very first things that I had trouble learning was using <img> tags - "how to upload? what does SRC equal? D:"

    ugh. XD

  3. Haha! I had the same experience. I was like "What does this code do? Ooooh Aaaah. So Cool!" I learned so much so young.

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