Not Really Sure What to Play

  1. last year

    To save myself from psoting another text wall I'll sum this one up. I'm very indecisive when it comes to decisions in general but this one I just cant figure out. For an irl deck I cant decide between Zoroark or Volcanion. Zoroark is my favorite Pokemon (which shouldn't be a reason to make a deck around something or atleast from a competitive standpoint I guess) and I love how the deck plays, it's like a faster Greninja with really bad late/grind game. Zoroark GX is good but I dont know if it makes Zoroark better tho, it just seems like a back up for other decks. Volcanion is possibly the best investment I could make. It's one of the few decks that only needs 1 lele minimum to be successful and it can be modified in Turbo Turtles for expanded which saves money on an expanded deck.

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