Coconut oil: American Heart Association recommends against

  1. last year

    To admire coconut oil, a person has to completely disagree with the foundation of my work, H = N/C. That is I am trying to encourage people to eat a diet with a higher micronutrient per calorie density. The way to do this is by avoiding empty calories. Coconut oil is a perfect example of the most empty calorie food in existence. You just get a huge caloric load with essentially no compensatory micronutrients. The small amount of MCT fat, even though may be a little less fattening than saturated fat is no advantage because this slight advantage is overwhelmed by the high amount of saturated fat in the oil. So I think the question itself illustrates a either a lack of understanding of the value of micronutrient density, or a disagreement with this basic principle of nutritarian nutrition"

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