hello my name is sujini ^^;

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    23 Nov 2013 http://hello-love.org/

    Name/Nickname: sujini
    Birthday: june
    How you got into TCGs: it was one of those site/s hopping that landed me onto someone's personal website who had a link to her trade post (like those who link to their joined fanlistings/cliques/quilting bee) and I was intrigued
    First TCG: Amusing Animations - I believe this should be the Pixar TCG that was engraved into my mind. I wouldn't say it was the first first, but I sort of joined them all at once. anyway, AA stood out because unlike TCGs back then (which was 2004-2005) there was no such things as a login panel and what not. but AA had a member login back then. I remember the owner coding the whole thing from scratch and I was really impressed (she made hidden links game really hidden!)
    All-time favorite TCG: pairings
    Something random and interesting about you: I look than years younger than my age :D

  2. Bloo

    25 Nov 2013 Administrator kablooey.net

    Welcome! :D

    Wasn't around that far back, but AA sounds like it would have been fun. ^_^ It's so easy to just throw a bunch of pre-made scripts onto your site, so I'm always impressed when owners go out on a limb to differentiate themselves.

    You look ten years younger..? That sounds nice.. qq

  3. sujini

    28 Nov 2013 http://hello-love.org/

    oh wow I totally meant to say "ten" what happened to my typing skillz O_o

    anyway, I researched and AA was a 3D animation tcg. *I* opened the pixar one XD

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