Honda Accord drum brake test fail

  1. last year

    Hi! I drive a Honda Accord 4cyl, about 141k miles, with rear drum brakes. The issue I’m experiencing becomes apparent only when going in for my yearly state inspection. During the brake balance test, my right rear brake is apparently “locking up more than the left,” or is otherwise doing most of the rear braking and therefore causing my car to fail inspection due to “imbalance.” The test done is one where the car is driven onto measuring plates, called the “brake plate balance test.” (Correct me if I’m mistaken on the name or otherwise)
    I had bled my entire braking system two months ago to replace the old fluid, and at that time checked and cleaned, but didn’t adjust the drum brakes because they appeared to be in good condition despite being the factory original shoes and hardware. The brake pedal felt the same before and after - a little softer than a brand new vehicle but gets the job done well, with no other issues.

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