A question about a possible card issue..

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    I have a question about the functionality of certain cards. It's about 2 Nature faction cards: Trap of the Jungle (Plants/Trap) & Warrior Brothers (2 Elven Warriors). Normally when played first, Trap of the Jungle would destroy 1 or more any up to level 2 creature/unit cards as soon as they enter the field.Also knowing each time a Warrior Brothers card has been played it will summon 2 elven warriors. Ideally it would mean that as soon as you kill one of the 2 Brothers, all remaining similar units would be discarded in the process. (Correct)However i have noticed that it doesn't seem to work correctly whenever Trap of the Jungle is played one turn earlier as it should, while afterwards upon playing the Warrior Brothers card only one of the 2 units will ultimately get removed? (Incorrect)Would any of the devs be so kind as to look into this possible issue, please?

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