fuel filling problem

  1. last year


    I have a 911 996 c4s, when i try to refuel the pump nozzle keeps clicking asif the tank where full. Any ideas? Ive tried different pumps and pumps ive used before cheers. Thanks for all the info had a look behind filler cap and found the bleed vent valve tried testing it not sure how it works but theirs aplastic lug next to filler cap which opens this valve when you screw cap on which seems to sugest valve closes when refueling and also that its working also checked nrv valve and pipes from fuel tank all clear and seem to be fine didnt really hear a click when opening the flap in the fuel filler pipe (how loud would it be ) also checked fuse e6 all ok and no erro codes in car .this is a new problem only just started happening tried all ways with the petrol pump thanks for replys

    Please help.

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