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    I've been using Timbermate filler for a few years now. But I found that its virtue is in filling large gaps and holes with NO shrinking at all! But when I need a grain filler, it's not my favorite. (I guess they have a newer, more trowel-able version?)But today, I needed to trowel/grain fill a mesquite floor that I installed. I need to get rid of the hairline cracks because light shows them up terribly if I don't. Anywho . . . I used Final Touch for the very first time. Quite smooth and creamy. (Biz, it spread as easily as that video on your other thread to Marco.) I covered 400 square foot room in about 20-25 minutes with 3/4 of a gallon. I spread it with a rubber trowel. A wide metal trowel perhaps would cover more footage.Tomorrow I have another room to do, but all I have available is WoodWise. I'll be able to compare.Which of the three do you guys like?

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