Incorrect category links?

  1. last year


    12 May 2018

    I am having some strange issues with my blog page, and I’m not quite sure where to begin. There are 8 categories, and 6 of them are working perfectly fine. However, if I click on the “How To’s” category, it only displays 5 posts, even though there are 13 posts in that category. It does not give me the option to view more. It just cuts off. Then when I click on the “Inside Your Garage” category, I should only see 2 posts. Instead, it displays the 7 posts from the “Finishes & Maintenance” category.

    I have checked and double checked all category slugs, and I have already tried deactivating plugins, changing the theme, and resetting permalinks. Nothing I have tried has resolved anything.

    Anyone have any idea where to start with this one? I checked it on Covoco but didn't find right answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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