Windows 10 short hiccups/freezes

  1. 11 months ago


    I have an issue since upgrading to Windows 10, the display and sound will hiccup for a split second. It is barely noticeable sometimes and might be even less than a second. This did never happen when I ran Windows 8/8.1. It happens when I listen to music, watching a video and gaming. I think it also happens when I browse the internet, but it is hard to notice. It is very noticeable when I'm watching a video or playing a gaming. It usually takes at least 1 hour before an other "hiccup" occurs. It varies a lot, though. There are no sudden CPU or HDD spikes. Everything is at normal. I tried the performance troubleshooter and nothing was found. All my drivers are also up-to-date. I have also installed all chipset drivers and LAN drivers for my motherboard from the ASUS website. The errors existed both before and after the installation of the drivers. My installation of Windows 10 is also a clean install, so I did format my SSD. Anyone else here have the same experience or have an idea what I can do?

    Please help.

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