Which hosting provider and platform is best to start an ecommerce store?

  1. 11 months ago

    I want to open an e-commerce store but I am confused which platform should I go for? Any suggestions for the platform that is best for eCommerce store?

    1) Magento

    2) WooCommerce

    3) Prestashop

    4) Shopify

    5) WordPress

    I am thinking to go for WordPress as it's easy to handle and also I am known of WordPress. I have no knowledge of other platforms but if someone thinks that WordPress would be a bad option then please suggest me the platform to start. Also, I need a hosting provider that provide best services and 24/7 support. I have gone through the several hosting providers but I need a suggestion for the best one.

    ipage hosting
    Secure WordPress hosting
    a2 hosting

  2. 10 months ago

    The security of any ecommerce store is always crucial and Magento has an upper hand in terms of security. Not only that it is also fully loaded with many useful features. So I will suggest you go with Magento.

    However, choosing reliable hosting for your Magento store depends according to your need, here is the list of Magento hosting providers which can help in making your decision: https://magenticians.com/magento-hosting/

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