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    17 Oct 2013 Administrator kablooey.net
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    Before asking for help, please do your best to search both the site and forum for articles or past topics that may already address your issue.

    When asking for help, please include the following information:

    1. Your PHP version number
    2. Your script version number (if applicable)
    3. The affected pages
    4. Any warning or error messages that you received
    5. Any other information, code, files, or screenshots (please censor any sensitive/private data) that might assist with troubleshooting

    If you are experiencing an issue that is similar to an existing issue being discussed in another topic, please still create a new topic for your incident.

    If you're able to fix your problem (with or without our help), please take a moment to let us know! You can mark a post as the "answer" to your question by clicking on the little check mark icon in the top right corner of the post (The tooltip will say "This post answered my question."). It's helpful in case others encounter the same issue and are looking for a solution~

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