[TIP] Custom Functions Page For Mods

  1. 5 years ago

    Rather than a mod, this is just a suggestion/tip.
    To (A) safeguard your original functions and (B) keep upgrading simple, I find it best to make a custom functions page, instead of adding every new function to the func.php.

    HOW TO

    (1) Make a php page. You can name it basically whatever you want. I named mine func_cust.php. Initially, it only needs to have <? ?>.

    (2) Add any initial mods you want to add (or already have). Just put them between the <? ?>.

    (3) Open your func.php, and right before the ?> (either on a line above it, or literally right before it; doesn't matter), add the following code:

     include ('func_cust.php'); 

    Of course, if you didn't name it "func_cust", change that to whatever you named it.

    Be sure both files are uploaded to the same folder.

    Now, whenever you want to add a new mod, just put add it to the custom function page before the ?>

    When an upgrade comes out, you just need to complete step 3 on the new func.php, and it's all up.

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